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We work with you to transform your business, from strategising the business model, re-designing the product to formulation of sales and marketing plans.

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The Programme

White Knight is a revolutionary investor. We work with you as part of the organisation, from strategising the business model to execution of ideas. Each member of White Knight has extensive experience at top management levels within the industry—so we know how things should work.


White Knight expects to invest between USD$50k-$500k in every potential start-up that meets our selection criteria and passes the due diligence process. The group’s investment offerings focuses on disruptive technology, IOT, blockchain and AI technologies in Asia.

1. Company Assessment

We study your business from inside out, and identify opportunities to transform your company. We offer our services to start-ups where we see the most potential for reinvention and growth.

2. Transformation

We tailor-made a transformation plan and invest our expert team, together with sufficient funding to implement the plan with you. 

3. Maturity

We train and build up the team while business is being transformed.

We also train you up to be the successor and let you manage back your business.

The Process

Once you are selected for the programme, we put in all our efforts to help transform your business, from redesigning your product offering to refining your sales and marketing strategies and execution plans. Each programme is tailored to maximise the business’ potential.

Business Transformation

Product Re-Design

At White Knight, we believe that every successful business must create value for its customers. Whether your business is focused on solving a customer’s pain point, or offering new experiences to enrich daily life, knowing your value proposition is the first step to success.

As such, we adopt a user-centered design (UCD) approach to help you redefine your products and offerings.


UCD is a design process that focuses on user needs and requirements. The consistent application of human factors, ergonomics, usability engineering, and other techniques is what keeps UCD revolving around the users. UCD is an iterative design approach that aims to develop an understanding of user needs, doing so through a mixture of investigative (e.g. surveys and interviews) and generative (e.g. brainstorming) methods and tools. Crucially, UCD heavily involves users in all design and evaluation phases.



White Knight will go through a 5-stage process to transform your product offerings:



1) Accessing the current status


2) Understand the target customer and market


3) Define the optimal experience and use cases


4) Develop features and tools for the offerings


5) Review and refine

Join The Programme

Please submit your business plan and they will be evaluated by our team of experts. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their business case within 2-4 weeks.

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