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We work with you to transform your business, from strategising the business model, re-designing the product to formulation of sales and marketing plans.

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The Programme

We understand starting up a business is never easy. 

Don’t worry,  you are not alone at the bottleneck—more than 90% of start-up owners gave up within 3 years of operation. There are many reasons why a start-up is not performing well, from not having the right partners to an incomplete business plan…… sometimes it’s simply because market does not exist at all at the first place. 





new start-ups launch every month
new start-ups survive past their first year
failure rate of start-ups that cannot survive past their third year
the percentage of venture-backed companies that never return cash to investors

Our Approach

Creating Value with Design Thinking

At White Knight, we believe that every successful business must create VALUE for its customers, and we strive to create value for your business, opening the door to success. Adopting the Design Thinking methodology, we re-design your business model, including but not limited to your products and offerings, to formulate the most effective business strategy and prototypes and maximize your ROI.


The Process

White Knight is a revolutionary investor.  We provide support, funding and advisory services to enterprises, especially  start-ups / SMEs  with business potentials. We welcome potential companies to apply for our Transformation Program.

Company Assessment

The process starts with preliminary assessment – once we receive your application for the Transformation Program, our investment team will review your business to gauge the potential. Evaluation criteria includes but not limited to corporate vision, value proposition, innovation, product design / offerings , competitive advantage, management / operation,  business model and financials. We will contact companies that pass the assessment to further discuss resources available to them. This might include our strategic plan to transform and grow your business, with sufficient resources and support provided by White Knight. 


The group’s investment offerings focus on disruptive technology in Asia. White Knight expects to invest between USD$50k-$500k in every potential start-up that meets our selection criteria and passes the screening process. Depending on the business case, the group also render support and professional advice to open your doors to different source of funding, e.g. pitching for  potential investors or  facilitating applications for government funding. 


In addition to funding, the group also invests our professional expertise to grow your business. Our executives-in-residence come from a diverse background, each has extensive experience at management levels within the industry. They will act as mentors to customize a transformation plan and take your business to the next level. We will work with you as a team, from refining your business model to planning and execution and operations. 

Business Transformation


Great ideas and business plans are empty until they are in good hands. We see the importance of people factors in any business. As part of the transformation process, we train and build up the team to ensure seamless implementation and execution at each level. 
​We also provide training and coaching to the business owner so that you are well equipped with the necessary skillsets and knowledge to manage your business in long run.

Join The Programme

Looking for an opportunity to take your business to the next level ? Please submit your business plan for assessment by our  investment team. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their business case within 2-4 weeks.

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