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Kenta (Ken) Katsumata

Managing Partner, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam

Mr. Katsumata has more than 18 years of experience in the fields of finance and investment, data analytics, credit risk control and digital marketing. Currently, Mr Katsumata is running several business as an entrepreneur and a top management leader. He is the co-founder and CEO of WAKU WAKU Limited, a Hong Kong-based fintech company providing innovative software and solutions (predictive analysis) to the lending industry. With his enthusiasm for fintech in Asian markets, Mr. Katsumata also set up a Singapore-based investment company focusing on fintech projects within ASEAN countries. In 2018, Mr. Katsumata was appointed Managing Director of Maneo International, a subsidiary of Maneo Market, the largest social lending platform in Japan.


Previously, Mr. Katsumata was CEO at Finance One, which started the first-ever online-based lending model in Hong Kong. During his tenure, he made significant contributions to help the business succeed from the ground up.


Mr. Katsumata has also managed and engaged in entrepreneurial ventures in other Asia markets including China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Mr. Katsumata not only has a successful track record in the financial field, but also in areas such as media business. 

Joseph Kam
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