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We help start-ups bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

We Keep The Dream Of

Entrepreneurship Alive

White Knight Group is formed of a highly experienced collective of entrepreneurs specialising in product and business development, sales and marketing, and business operations.


We understand that setting up new businesses can be fraught with difficulties. That’s why we invest in start-ups and provide hands-on support, funding and advisory services in order to assist business owners to turn around their companies.


In some cases, we can even assist in company operations and run the business for you.





new start-ups launch every month
new start-ups survive past their first year
failure rate of start-ups that cannot survive past their third year
the percentage of venture-backed companies that never return cash to investors
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Don't quit! Rebuild.

Quit once, and quitting will only become easier and easier for the rest of your life.


At White Knight, our philosophy is based on reflection, rebuilding and reinvention—not giving up.


We understand starting up a business is never easy, and that throwing in the towel is a temptation that may cross your mind frequently during the process. In fact, you are not alone—more than 90% of start-up founders gave up on their dreams within 3 years.


We want you to keep that dream alive. We believe that every business has their value, and are committed to identifying the reasons for why your start-up may not be performing—from not having the right partners to an incomplete business plan—and fixing them.


We have made it our mission to leverage our experience and expertise to help unleash your potential and assist you in taking your business to the next level.

Learn more about the White Knight Transformation program.

Current Portfolio

BONI Logo.png
BONI Logo.png

BONI is the No.1 on demand laundry services with more than 6 retails outlets and factory in Hong Kong. BONI is also the winner of the Hong Kong Greater China SME Alliance Association Innovative awards 2016.


CaaS is an award winning consulting firm offering a range of services from Design Research, Service Design, User Experience, Product Design, Business Design to Design Thinking. 

HJ logo.png
HJ logo.png

Home Journal is the leading design and lifestyle media company in Asia since 1980. Home Journal is the most trusted authority among designers, homeowners, developers and brands with a monthly reach over 3 million audience.


Roomfit is the 1st AI-Driven E-Commerce Platform in Asia. Roomfit disrupts the traditional retail market and speed up the consumers purchasing decisions by 1,000%. 

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